Loop pacifier clip – Peach


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Material:Food grade silicone and unprocessed wood (beech)

Widht: 16mm

Length: 2o,5 cm

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in our pacifier clips, we use beads made of non-toxic, BPA-free food grade silicone and durable satin string. Our clips are made of nickel-free stainless metal. Materials come from carefully chosen and reliable factories whose materials have been chemical tested (SGS).

Pacifier clips are compliant with the requirements of the SFS-EN 12586 standard. We manufacture all our pacifier clips ourselves and are therefore able to guarantee their durability and safety.

Warning! A pacifier string is not a toy. It contains small parts that may be hazardous to small children, so do not leave a child unattended with a pacifier string.

Test the durability of the product occasionally and never give a child a broken product.T

he product may be cleaned using warm water and a mild soap solution. We do not recommend boiling the wooden or metallic parts.


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