Supreme – Coral size 1


Koko 1:  0-6kk


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Size 1: 0-6m

The latest Supreme pacifier has a valve that allows the pacifier to be flattened so that the air inside the pacifier section is removed and the pressure in the child’s palate and gums is reduced. Bibs pacifier meets the standard: EN 1400 + A1.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Material: 100% latex / natural rubber and base polypropylene (PP). BPA and PVC free.

Cleaning instructions:
1. Put the pacifiers in a clean container
2. Pour boiling water over
3. Leave the pacifier in the water for about 5 minutes
4. Lift the pacifier to dry. If there is water inside the soother, drain it carefully.
Do not boil the pacifier in hot water, it will break or brittle the pacifier prematurely. Sterilization according to the instructions above is sufficient.
Do not use a broken or brittle pacifier.


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